TV Christmas Specials

I hope you have all had the most wonderful Christmas and have a glorious year full of exciting adventures and opportunities. Christmas time is full of cheesy films and television specials to celebrate the festivities. I have thought long and hard about my favourite Christmas specials and came up with a list for you guys. Let me know what your favourite Christmas specials are and whether you agree with me or not.

  1. Gavin and Stacey: Christmas Special (2008)657ca7e3-29a9-437f-990e-912094065adf.jpg

Gavin and Stacey is one of my favourite British TV shows, I absolutely adore the characters and I just love the general Britishness of the show. For those of you who are familiar with Gavin and Stacey, the Welsh contingent have been invited to celebrate Christmas with the Shipman’s. Gavin makes a surprising announcement and all hell breaks loose. The episode ends with Mick playing Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas on his new keyboard as they all sing along together. It’s very heart-warming and makes you feel grateful to have friends and family around, particularly at this time of year.

  1. Outnumbered: The Robbers (2009)_91221459_outnumberedchristmasspeicla

Outnumbered is another British favourite. Now that I’m older, I can see that this is actually a true representation of British families and kind of makes me want to never have kids. However, this Christmas special does make me laugh so much and I am so excited for this year’s special which is on BBC One at 10pm TONIGHT. The story of The Robbers starts on Boxing Day. After being burgled, Karen decides on making New Year resolutions while Sue and Jake collect Grandad from the retirement home all while Pete is stuck with Sue’s divorced friend Jane. This is another special where they all start singing at the end of the episode.

  1. Knowing Me, Knowing You: Knowing Me, Knowing Yule (1995)Alan-Partridge.jpg

By now, you can probably tell that I am quite the fan of British comedies seeing as that is all this list consists of. If you have not seen Knowing Me, Knowing You, I highly recommend it. Knowing Me, Knowing Yule is basically just a one-off edition of Knowing Me, Knowing You. The humour is very dry and particular so not everyone will enjoy this. I am a huge fan of this type of comedy and could rewatch it hundreds of times. If you have seen any of the Alan Partridge shows such as I’m Alan Partridge or Mid Morning Matters, then you will know what to expect.

  1. Peep Show: Seasonal Beatings (2010)GorgeousThreadbareFireant-mobile.jpg

This one is slightly less festive and doesn’t particularly give you that warm feeling of comfort and happiness. Mark has his family over for Christmas dinner, as well as his girlfriend Dobby, even though he is yet to tell his parents about their relationship. The episode goes from one disaster to another which ultimately leads to Mark explosively shouting in his usual fashion. This episode is hilarious, quite like every other episode of Peep Show. This is definitely one to watch at Christmas time to make a change from all of the upbeat, cheesy Christmas specials.

  1. Friday Night Dinner: Christmas Special (2012)friday_night.jpg

I have just realised that all of these specials are mostly negative and not that festive, maybe I’m just a pessimist that enjoys the misfortune of others. Christmas starts off badly when Martin brings in a huge tree into the house followed by Horrible Grandma turning up to spend the day with them. There is a whole argument about Jackie’s turkey being too dry, which actually makes Adam choke. Jim dressed as Santa Claus manages to bring a bit of seasonal peace to the gathering in the end.

Do you enjoy watching Christmas specials? Let me know your favourites and whether you have seen any of these.

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