Sherlock – The Lying Detective




This review contains major spoilers.

The Six Thatchers ended with Mary Watson being shot down to save Sherlock’s life. Mary strictly instructed Sherlock to save John Watson yet what we see in The Lying Detective is quite the opposite. The Lying Detective is full of lurid surprises that left us feeling emotionally drained and confused. This episode is structured around The Adventure of the Dying Detective and was written by Steven Moffat.

This episode saw Toby Jones as the antagonist Culverton Smith – a famous entrepreneur that features in cereal adverts and visits children’s wards. Culverton Smith is a resemblance of Jimmy Savile but with different crimes. The creepy nature adds to the horrid personality and terrifying cackle of a man who uses money, fame and good deeds to hide his wicked hobby. Jones’ performance was uncomfortable to watch which made for a better villain. I think it’s safe to say that we all were worried that John wouldn’t make it back to Sherlock in time but of course, Sherlock was 12-steps ahead and switched the drip.


Picture: BBC


We all need to take a minute to appreciate how badass Mrs Hudson was in this episode. Who would have ever guessed that she would not only own an Aston Martin but have the power to lock Sherlock Holmes in her car boot. As always, Una Stubbs gives a first class performance as Mrs Hudson and left us wanting to see more of her, particularly when she reminds us that she is “not your housekeeper”. Maybe a Mrs Hudson spin-off show would be a good idea? *hint hint*

We finally discovered that Sherringford is actually Eurus – the third Holms sibling who is, in fact, the sister rather than the brother of Mycroft and Sherlock. We first met Eurus (Sian Brooke) in The Six Thatchers when she smiled at John on the bus, pretending to be Elizabeth. We met her a second time as John’s so-called therapist, then as Smith’s troubled daughter “Faith”, proving to be the master-of-disguise.


Picture: BBC


The drug trip scene was one of the best cinematic masterpieces that I have seen on British television. Director Nick Hurran made it in a way that it felt as though the audience were sharing the experience which was a phenomenon that carried on throughout the episode. Benedict Cumberbatch pushes the character to his limits without being implausible. Sherlock is always 12-steps ahead of everyone – or two weeks ahead of John. It is heartwarming to see how much Sherlock and John actually need each other as when they are parted, England falls.


Picture: BBC


Another brilliant episode from Sherlock but what can we expect to see next week? The Final Problem is said to be a “very finale finale” so I would suggest mentally preparing beforehand for the emotional trauma we are about to experience. Sherlock is a testament of Gatiss’ and Moffat’ talent and I hope it continues to entertain a worldwide audience. We can only hope and pray for a fifth series.

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