Today marks the day that I finish university forever! I can’t believe how quickly my time at university has gone. It seems like 5-minutes ago that I moved to Lincoln as a fresher.  I am kind of glad it’s over though as I have lived in the library for the past three weeks and I am pretty excited to just sleep.

The first piece of work that we handed in this semester was a report on Photojournalism. We had to contact at least three media professionals so we contacted around five photographers/photojournalists and created a report aimed at those who are looking to start a career in photojournalism. We recently received our grades and we got 80% on our report, which is a high first. Overall we got 76.4% and I am so happy as we worked so hard and put in a lot of effort.

We finished our short film Ask Her. I spent around two weeks in the edit suite going slightly insane but it was very satisfying to have it finished. Edit suite 5 has pretty much been my second home for the past two years so it will be strange editing in a different space, I’ll definitely miss having two monitors. I spent many hours working really hard to make this film good so I’m really hoping that I get a decent grade. It’s kind of sad that I’ll probably never see my film group again (apart from graduation) but I wish them the best of luck.

18221913_10209703539845243_6869421896517395144_nThe piece of work that has taken the longest was my dissertation. I finally finished it on the 6th May after months of hard work. I wrote my dissertation on how television has mutated from programming to process with a case study on BBC Three. I was lucky enough to interview head commissioner Damian Kavanagh and I am so so grateful that he was kind enough spare his time and give me really in-depth answers. Shoutout to Megan and Amy for keeping me sane in the week running up to the deadline, I don’t know what I would have done without them. Also, shoutout to Dan for proof-reading the whole of my dissertation.

I also finished working for Tell Vanessa. I created two trailers to be used in a pitch to Channel 5 and I think it went pretty well. I got to visit the studio in Putney and watch them record one of the episodes which was really fun. I’m hoping to get more work now that I’ve finished university. I also managed to raise the money for my trip to Peru and I cannot wait to go in June. Special thanks for my nan for kindly giving me the rest of the money that I needed. I am so grateful to everyone who helped and supported me as I was raising money for my trip. For those that don’t know, we’re going to teach underprivileged children media literacy skills for 21 days in the Sacred Valley of Peru. It’s going t18403259_10209717257388173_6718333011751653201_no be such a good experience with a great bunch of people.

I cannot believe how quickly university went, roll on graduation. For those who are thinking about starting university, I really recommend it as it gives you time to make mistakes, learn and improve your skills. I did write a post full of tips for those starting university so feel free to give that a read. Good luck to everyone who is now finishing university and to those continuing in September.


6 thoughts on “I FINISHED UNI!

  1. Congrats!! Time flies by so quickly and unfortunately it only gets quicker from here haha! I graduated a year ago and my one year anniversary at my job is tomorrow, I seriously cannot believe it. University is such a great time of growing in life and I promise the real world isn’t as bad as they say. Congratulations again! 🙂

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