I’m a 20-year old student about to embark on a journey of freelancing and self-discovery. As I begin my third and final year of University, I thought it would be a good idea to dedicate some time for a hobby that I can enjoy on my own.

Merlin’s Beard was launched in 2016 with the purpose of reviewing the latest Film and Television trends as well as giving an insight of what it is like to work in the Film and Television industry. Merlin’s Beard was created as a community for like-minded individuals who have an interest in films and television and would like further knowledge on popular equipment and technology used in the industry.

If you like film and TV then you will feel right at home here. If you are an aspiring filmmaker like myself then I hope to encourage you on your journey with tips and advice.

If you particularly liked an article/post then feel free to tell me about it on social media or in a comment on my contact page. Likewise, if you have some constructive feedback then do not hesitate to let me know. Thank you ever so much for supporting me and continuing to read my posts, it means the world to me. Ellie x