University Update

I am less than three months away from finishing my degree and that absolutely terrifies me. In this final semester, I have been pushing myself harder than I ever have before so that I know I tried my best and that’s all that matters. Last semester was incredibly stressful but I was able to learn … Continue reading University Update


My Dream Crate: Loot Crate

Before Christmas, I received an exciting email from Loot Crate asking me to take part in their “Dream Crate” project. I thought for a while about what I would like to receive in a Loot Crate as well as what I know other people would like to receive. I decided to go for a law-themed crate as I think it would be a different but exciting theme.

Did You Miss Me? – Sherlock Review

Three years ago we awaited Sherlock’s return from The Reichenbach Fall. We were given The Empty Hearse, The Sign of Three, and His Last Vow,  however, we are still waiting for an explanation of how Sherlock survived the fall. Series three ended with Sherlock shooting Charles Augustus Magnussen – a powerful and wealthy businessman, referred … Continue reading Did You Miss Me? – Sherlock Review